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Main responsibilities of Guiyang Bureau of Health

Updated: 2022-04-12

1. Implement health work policies; Draft regional policies and regulations, and implement them after approval; Formulate city's health plan according to state and provincial health work resource allocation; Formulate, organize and promote the equalization, popularization, and convenience of basic health services and resource decentralization.

2. Coordinate and promote the reform of the medical and health sectors; Implement and deepen major partnerships in the reform of the medical and health sectors. Organize, implement and deepen the reform of public hospitals; Promote the transfer of management power from government to public hospitals; Complete modern hospital management systems; Formulate, organize and implement policies and measures which make health services more diverse; Give advice on medical services and drug prices. 

3. Formulate, organize and implement a disease prevention and control plan, immunization plan, and intervening measures related to dangerous public health matters; Undertake HIV prevention and control; Implement infectious disease detection and monitoring; Take responsibility for emergency health work, organizing and implementing prevention and control for emergency public health matters and rescue emergencies.

4. Coordinate and implement response to aging population; Promote the construction of aging health service system and combination of medical treatment and convalescence work.

5. Implement state drug policies and basic drug policies; Launch drug monitoring, clinical assessments and alarm system for medicine in short supply; Give advice on drug prices, and implement basic state drugs list. Improve food quality risk detection and foodborne disease detection; Popularize regional food safety standards and national nutrition plans. Guide and answer questions during the process of implementing food safety standards.

6. Take responsibility for the supervision and management of occupational health, radiological health, environmental health, schools health, public area health and sanitation of drinking water; Be in charge of prevention and monitoring of infectious diseases, complete health supervision system; Guide prevention and law enforcement of occupational diseases.

7. Monitor and implement medical institutions and medical service industry management, and build medical service assessment, monitoring and management systems. Implement hygiene and health profession quality standards; Organize and implement medical service standards, professional practice standards and service standards of hygiene and health professions. Affirm rights of state-owned hospitals; Make decision on major problems and income of public hospitals; Review constitution of public hospitals plus development plans, major projects implementation, and budgets for revenues and expenditures; Organize and implement standard for blood transfusion services.

8. Take responsibility for birth control and services, launch population monitoring and alerts, and give advice on population and family development.

9. Guide Guiyang health work and basic level medical health, health of women and children and general practitioner teams. Enhance training of health work practitioners and introduction of talents; Promote development of a health work team and health technology innovation and development. 

10. Be in charge of private medical organization establishment plan, plus monitoring and management work. 

11. Take responsibility for healthcare to city-level cadres; Be in charge of medical care for important meetings and major events.

12. Organize and launch popularization, education and promotion of health technology; Launch cooperation and rescue work alongside Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan and foreign countries and areas.

13. Put forward advice on enhancing the work of Party building in hospitals, and evaluate this.

14. Be in charge of Chinese traditional medicine development work. Host the work of Guiyang Ageing Association. Guide the work of the Guiyang Family Planning Association.

15. Promote military-civilian integration, and carry out poverty alleviation and development; Increase investment in science and technology, improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and promote innovation-driven development; Ensure safe production and fire safety in departments and industry; Promote the development and application of big data, and promote the standardized management, sharing and development of government data resources. Undertake other tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People's Government and the provincial Department of Health.

16. Responsibility Adjustment

(1). Guiyang Bureau of Health to undertake the previous responsibilities of Guiyang Health and Family Planning Association, Guiyang Deepen Medical System Reform Leading Group Office, Guiyang Ageing Association, Guiyang Committee of Patriotic Health Movement (except "three-establishment": establish a state-level hygiene city, establish a state-level environmental protection model city, establish a state-level civilized city) and supervision and management ability of Guiyang Bureau of Work Security.

(2). Undertake the previous responsibilities of the new type rural cooperative medical service of Guiyang Health and Family Planning Association.

17. Responsibility Change

Build a big health and hygiene scheme; Promote the implementation of the Health Guiyang Strategy, using reform and innovation and with a focus on health, modeling, basic levels and guarantees. Change medical treatment to a model that is health-centered, providing a health service to residents.

Pay more attention to prevention and promotion, and enhance the services systems for preventing and controlling major disasters and ageing problems. Focus on increasing hygiene and health levels in rural areas. Improve service quality and level, and promote the equalization, popularization, and convenience of basic health services. Coordinate and promote the reform of the medical and health sectors. Deepen the reform of public hospitals, promote the transfer of management power from government to public hospitals, and provide more hygiene and health services and more diverse policies.

18. Assignment of responsibility

(1). Guiyang Bureau of Health takes responsibility for population monitoring and alerts, doing research and giving advice on population size, quality, structure and distribution, formulating population development plans and policies, and implementing them.

Guiyang Development and Reform Commission takes responsibility for monitoring and assessing population changes and trends, building a population prediction system and doing assessment work on population effects, completing a population policies consultation mechanism, doing the research about population development strategy and formulating population development plan and policies. Put forward advice on sustainable development with the economy, society, resources and the environment in long-term balance.

(2). Guiyang Bureau of Health takes responsibility for formulating policies against ageing problems using a combination of medical treatment and convalescence. Coordinate and guide the aging work, undertake prevention and treatment of senile diseases and provide healthcare for elderly people.

Guiyang Bureau of Civil Affairs will summarize, promote, guide, monitor and manage services for elderly people. Formulate service policies for the aged, undertake farewells for elderly people and rescue elderly people who are in trouble.

(3). Guiyang Bureau of Health is in charge of food security assessment, and formulating and implementing food security risk monitoring alongside the Guiyang Bureau of Market Supervision and Management.  

When Guiyang Bureau of Market Supervision and Management notices food security problems, Guiyang Bureau of Market Supervision and Management must inform Guiyang Bureau of Health, and both of them will take actions according to the national pharmacopoeia, and establish a notification and action mechanism to deal with adverse reactions to major drugs and medical device administration episodes.

(4). Guiyang Bureau of Health and Guiyang Health Insurance will enhance policies connected to medical care, medical insurance and medicine, establish communication and coordination systems, promote collaborative reform and improve the efficiency of the use of medical resources and medical care levels.

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